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Iconic Estates: Magnificent Mountain Living

Arizona’s beautiful and diverse terrain makes it possible to enjoy luxurious mountain living across virtually every region in the state. From Flagstaff’s wooded forests to Sedona’s red-rock formations, the Valley’s pointed peaks and Tucson’s rambling ridges capture the imaginations of homeowners across the state.

A significant advantage of mountain living is enjoying the natural beauty of Arizona’s landscape. Often you can find a variety of flora and fauna near peaks and foothills. Another benefit of living near a mountain range is the beautiful paths. Hiking is a favorite pastime for many Arizonans, as the view from the top of any of our beautiful mountains makes the climb much more rewarding.

Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty has an exciting range of listings that cover every aspect of mountain living. Whether you want to live in a mountain region, have a mountainside home, or simply enjoy beautiful mountain views, the lifestyle experts at the leading luxe real estate firm can help you find your oasis across Arizona.

Savor luxe mountain living in this month’s edition of ICONIC Estates!

Chartering, yachting and megayachts are on the rise in popularity and only growing this summertime. With once-in-a-lifetime experiences, the flexibility of a custom itinerary, privacy, and luxury, it’s no wonder that chartering has become such a sought-after method of traveling.

See our top 5 luxury destinations to travel to by yacht this summer on ICONIC LIFE.

To enjoy the same sought-after thrill felt behind the wheel of a luxury car in the comfort of your own home, look no further than Bentley’s furniture collection. Bentley Home is the luxury motor company’s signature furniture brand, defined as “a space where luxury and customization take shape, amidst the finest materials.”

Collaboration between Bentley Home designers and the design team at Bentley Motors ensures cohesiveness between their cars and luxury home furniture collections. As a result, similar materials, motifs, and shapes inherent to Bentley cars are ingrained in their unique furniture pieces.

⁠It’s summer, so rosé is the perfect wine to enjoy at any time of day. Rosé conjures up memories of summers in the South of France, the epicenter of the world of rosé, or tres’ chic lawn parties in the Hamptons, where those in the know are drinking the wine of the moment.

A good rosé will vary in its depth of pink depending on how long the grape skins are involved in the winemaking process. Bold or light, crisp, and refreshing, these wines are best enjoyed dry as is the required style in Provence.

We rounded up five rosés we’re loving right now!

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