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Iconic Estates: Vast Views

The phrase “million-dollar views” exemplifies just how much people value the views from their homes. Especially amongst the luxury home industry, having sweeping panoramic views throughout the home can be the difference that makes a “wow factor” home worth an uber-luxury price point.

Everyone loves a view of the great outdoors. There is even science behind our preference for scenes of nature, increasing productivity and reducing stress. In the Valley, mountainside properties offer city sights below and picturesque horizons. Venture north to find dazzling vistas of red rock formations, national forests, and more. Beautiful views are often displayed as nature’s work of art, framed by expansive windows and outdoor spaces.

Homes with beautiful, vast views are highly sought-after, so you will need a real estate expert with Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty in your corner to help you secure the views you love in your next dream home. Find a beautiful spot to watch the sunset and breath in the fresh air in your new luxury home.

See the sights from the perspective of these ICONIC Estates!

Great things come in small packages. No truer is this saying than when it refers to Napa Valley, California’s boutique inns. These gem-like properties welcome guests with unmatched graciousness and special touches that make each unique.

To enjoy the hospitality of these special inns is to experience the casual sophistication of the wine country lifestyle in all of its authentic glory—unhurried, indulgent and refined.

Staying up to date on interior design trends can be a fun way to mix up your decor and ramp up your style, but what are the biggest 2022 design trends? We talked to the experts—interior designers—and asked them what trends we should know about this year.

Trends come and go—and then come back again—and while some designers embrace the trends, others firmly believe that choosing timeless designs is key. We asked six respected interior designers to share their thoughts on the 2022 design trends, and here’s what they had to say…

Imagine looking out of a 360-degree window and seeing the beauty of planet Earth below you. No longer exclusive to just astronauts, space travel is becoming a reality for the public thanks to the increasing demand for commercial space exploration.

With the goal of providing as many people as possible with an astounding view of Earth, Space Perspective reimagines space travel through the use of its pressurized capsule. ⁠

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