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Russ Lyon SIR Welcomes Leah Hinnefeld

Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty is dedicated to bringing the highest level of service to today’s home buyers and sellers. This tradition continues with the recent addition of luxury Real Estate Advisor, Leah Hinnefeld, to the Pinnacle Peak Office.  Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty agents strive to deliver real estate experiences beyond expectations to enhance lifestyles for their clients, expanding their reputation as the most respected name in real estate. 

As a lifelong equestrian, Leah Hinnefeld gets you. She knows that whether you are selling or buying, life with horses still goes on. Long days in the barn, equine emergencies, and unexpected weather changes are just a few of the interruptions that can add stress to your move. She is here to help you keep those stresses to a minimum and add joy to the process. As an accomplished certified sports performance and life coach for equestrians, Leah has the skills to help you really define what values and priorities are important to you when looking for a property or putting your property up for sale. Her positive and systematic method will save you time and frustration that may come from working with someone that just doesn’t get your obsession with manes and tails. As a licensed attorney, Leah Hinnefeld can assure you that she will bring a professional attitude and results-oriented approach.

Leah does not remember a time in her life when she was not a crazy horse girl. Her love, passion, and fascination with horses have always carried over to the properties and structures that stable them. She has been an avid rider for over 50 years and a horse property owner for almost 30. Let’s just say horses and horse properties run through her veins. In 2016, on their 1st anniversary, Leah and her husband visited Arizona. They instantly fell in love with the desert. Three months later, they closed on a 5-acre property in North Scottsdale and started the moving process for their herd of 2 horses, 2 mini donkeys, 2 Australian Shepherds, and her mother.

There is nothing Leah loves more than waking up to the sunrise over Four Peaks, riding off her property into the Tonto National Forest, and hiking all over Arizona. Her Aussie, Roscoe, is her perfect hiking partner.

Leah’s father built his business and life on the motto: Always with Integrity in All Ways. Whether you are selling your property or looking for your perfect equine paradise, Leah is committed to living out her dad’s legacy as you work together.

Leah Hinnefeld has recently joined our Brokerage and I must say, I have been impressed with her enthusiasm for this business! I know she will do a great job for both Buyers and Sellers.

Kevin, Gonzales, Managing Broker
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